CyberWolf Download Service

The CyberWolf® Download Service (CDS)

Direct sales are an important component in establishing consumer relationships and developing online communities. The CyberWolf® Download Service (CDS) enables publishers and other content providers to sell digital products such as ebooks from their own websites directly to consumers.

Using the CDS, EPUB (2.0 and below) and PDF files can be protected with the same Adobe Content Server (ACS) digital rights management (DRM) technology used by Barnes and Noble, Google Editions, and Simon & Schuster. ACS DRM-protected files are supported on most Android devices, as well as on iPhone, iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, and a wide variety of others.

Alternatively, PDF files can use a social DRM technique to mark the file with a dynamic stamp that identifies the purchaser. Stamped PDF files retain their standard PDF characteristics and can be viewed on any device that supports PDF.

Files of any type, EPUB and PDF included, can be packaged by the CDS with or without DRM. They are stored on the CyberWolf CDS servers from which they are delivered directly, without the customer leaving your site.


CDS for ACUMEN clients

The CyberWolf® Download Service gives ACUMEN Book® clients the ability to define DRM attributes and upload ebook files to the CDS servers directly from the ACUMEN interface. These "CDS Assets" are linked to Product records which are integrated with the Product Marketing system, the Digital Asset Management optional module, and other aspects of ACUMEN. This integrated solution enables you to manage your sellable digital assets using the powerful and easy to use ACUMEN Record List, Related List, Search, and Custom Reporting technologies. 

The CyberWolf PowerWeb Book® ecommerce platform integrates seamlessly with ACUMEN and the CDS. If you use a different shopping cart, and your developers can modify it to interact with the CDS servers via web service calls, that cart is compatible with the CyberWolf® Download Service.

CDS Record List


CDS for non-ACUMEN clients

CyberWolf offers a full-featured version of the CDS for publishers and other content providers that don't use ACUMEN Book®. It is accessed through an intuitive web-based interface and your existing ecommerce web site or other distribution mechanism interacts with the CDS servers via web service calls. If your site can be modified to send the appropriate calls and receive the resulting download links, it is compatible with the CyberWolf® Download Service.CDS screen capture To learn more about selling ebooks with a variety of DRM options directly from your own website, please visit www.ebookdownloadservice.com.